How I Fixed: Redux Form onSubmit Proxy Object

It’s late, I’m tired, but no excuses, this took me about 45 minutes to figure out even with the documentation.

The problem:

I wanted to use Redux Form (v6.0.5) to handle form submissions for a simple login form.

I could get the form to render, and submit, but when I submitted my data, rather than getting back the JSON data as expected, instead I got a funky proxy object:

Annoyingly now I cannot reproduce the issue that made the Proxy object appear in the first place, but here is sample working code that fixed the issue:

And the login form itself:

There is a section on this in the documentation, but for the life of me, I couldn’t get my head around it.

All I know is, it seemed to like it more when I switched my LoginForm from a class to a function. But as I say, when I tried to revert my changes back to write up this blog post, it worked as a class all the same.

Hopefully this saves someone some time in the future.


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5 thoughts on “How I Fixed: Redux Form onSubmit Proxy Object”

    1. Ahh that’s cool, happy I could help 🙂 In truth I’m still not sure I fully understand how the Redux form submission process is handled. I was looking at it again yesterday and came to the conclusion that what I thought I knew was happening, was not quite what was / is happening. More study required on my part 🙂

  1. since you’re passing it in as onSubmit, you don’t need to pass it on to handleSubmit, as it will us that prop automatically.

    1. Cheers Kelly – I know it’s not correct currently. I have the project open currently, and will update this page once I’ve had another attempt at sorting that onSubmit part. I had so much trouble getting it to work last time – lack of understanding on my part, for sure.

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