Ubuntu No Sound in one Profile in Ubuntu 15.04

Ubuntu No Sound in 15.04Ok, so not truly related to the site in general, but it’s computers in general, and more specifically, my broken computer.

Recently, I made a late night decision to upgrade from a perfectly stable, working Ubuntu 14.04 to Ubuntu 15.04… what could go wrong?

A lot, as it happens. Two full rebuilds later (thank the Lord for putting /home on it’s own HDD), and I have just about recovered something resembling a working PC.

The last major hurdle was having no sound.

Ubuntu No Sound

Frustratingly, I could hear the little boot jungle drums of Ubuntu. Then if I logged in as me, no sound at all.

If I logged in as Guest, I could hear some sound. That narrowed it down.

After much Googling and frustration, this fixed it:

Open terminal
rm -rf ~/.config/pulse

Hurrah, sound is back.


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